1. What are AsiaMalls e-vouchers?

AsiaMalls e-vouchers are electronic vouchers stored in a digital wallet which you can utilize via your smartphone.

2. What are the denominations available?

The e-vouchers are available in these denominations:

  • $5 (for points redemption only)
  • $10
  • $20
  • $50

3. What are the benefits of an e-voucher over a paper voucher?

E-vouchers can be conveniently stored and easily accessed on your smartphone.

4. How do I buy the e-vouchers?

First, download the AMperkz app and sign up as an AMperkz member. To purchase:

  1. Launch AMperkz mobile app in your mobile phone.
  2. Select “Buy E-vouchers” from your AMperkz rewards
  3. Click on the denomination(s) and quantity you wish to purchase
  4. Proceed to checkout, you will be directed to the payment gateway to complete the transaction using your credit card.
  5. Once your transaction is successfully submitted, you will see your E-voucher(s) in your AMperkz account under “My E-Vouchers”.


1. How do I use the e-voucher when I am in-store?

  1. Check with the retailer if E-vouchers are accepted at the store. Launch the AMperkz app in your smartphone. For single e-voucher use: Tap on My E-vouchers > Valid. Tap on any of the vouchers listed.
    For multiple e-vouchers usage: Tap on your virtual membership card and place your smartphone under the voucher terminal as directed by the staff. Your list of e-vouchers will be displayed on the voucher terminal, please advise the retailer on the number of e-vouchers you would like to utilise.
  2. The retailer will redeem your e-voucher on the terminal. Once the e-voucher is utilised, the e-voucher will appear under the Used tab.

2. My mobile screen has a crack; will the terminal be able to scan the voucher code?

The voucher QR code may be distorted due to the crack on the screen, there is a possibility that the e-voucher cannot be scanned successfully through the terminal. You may choose to login to another device and reload the e-voucher with the QR code.

3. Can I store remaining value in my e-voucher?

E-vouchers can only be used on a per-voucher basis and no remaining value can be stored. Please refer to our T&Cs here:

4. Where can I utilise my e-vouchers?

The e-vouchers can be utilised at more than 500 retailers in malls managed by AsiaMalls. Currently, supermarkets and selected retailers do not accept it. Please refer to the list of retailers accepting e-vouchers in the AMperkz app or website before using the e-voucher. For complete list of retailers accepting  e-vouchers, check mall’s store directory with voucher icon indicated on right side of store name.

5. FairPrice, Cold Storage and FairPrice Finest are not accepting my e-vouchers. Why is this so?

The acceptance of e-vouchers is not available at selected supermarkets and selected retailers. Stay tuned for more updates.

6. Can I convert my physical vouchers to e-vouchers?

The conversion of physical vouchers to e-vouchers and vice versa are not available.

7. I want to get a refund and get a physical voucher instead. How do I go about doing it?

The e-vouchers conversion to physical vouchers is not available.

8. What are the payment types accepted for e-voucher purchase?

You can use the following payment modes:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

9. Can I still buy e-vouchers without a credit card?

No, purchase of e-vouchers can only be made with a credit card in the AMperkz mobile app.

10. What are the smartphone requirements to use the e-voucher?

For iPhones, it needs to be at least an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.0 or higher. For Androids, it needs to be running Android 4.4 or higher.

11. Do my e-vouchers have an expiry date? And where can I find this information?

Yes, e-vouchers expiry dates are shown in your e-voucher wallet.

12. My e-vouchers have expired, what can I do?

Extension of e-vouchers is subjected to the discretion of AsiaMalls Management, we strongly encourage you to utilise it within the stipulated timeframe. Please email to for assistance.


1. What is e-voucher gifting?

After purchasing (via “Buy E-Vouchers”) or redeeming (via “Redeem E-Voucher”) AsiaMalls E-vouchers via the AMperkz mobile app, you may send it to your friends and family via My E-Vouchers” tab.

2. How do I send an AsiaMalls e-voucher?

You may select the e-voucher under “My E-Vouchers” tab and to click on the “Gift” button next to it. You will be prompted to enter the mobile number of the recipient you wish to gift the voucher to and to add a personalised message. Upon confirmation your recipient will receive an SMS notification.

3. How will my friends or family receive AsiaMalls e-vouchers from me?

The recipient of your e-voucher will receive an SMS notifying them that he/she has received an e-voucher from you. All he/she needs to do is to click on the link in the SMS and present the e-voucher QR code at the points of payment. Please visit the store directories on the respective malls’ websites for list of stores accepting e-vouchers.

4. Will the gifted e-voucher expire?

Yes, the gifted e-voucher will expire. The expiry date is indicated on the e-voucher.

5. When will my recipient receive the SMS notification for redemption?

He/She will receive the SMS after you had triggered the “send-gift” button.

6. What happens if my recipient didn’t receive the SMS notification?

Please check if your recipient has a stable mobile signal. “Resend” the e-voucher if recipient does not receive SMS after 1 hour. Should your recipient not received SMS notification after this try, please email for assistance.

7. What happens if my recipient accidentally deleted the SMS notification before redeeming it?

You can try to resend the notification to your recipient after 24 hours.

8. What happens if I change my mind and wish to recall back the e-voucher I gave away?

E-vouchers that are gifted cannot be returned.