1. What can the AMperkz mobile app do for me?

  1. Access your account information and update your profile and IU details.
  2. Encode your membership details that includes e-voucher details for your convenient redemption at merchant points of sale
  3. Earn and track your rewards points when you scan and upload photo of your receipt within next day of your transaction
  4. Redeem and utilise your AMperkz points for rewards of e-vouchers and Carpark$
  5. Check parking availability
  6. Enable you to personalise the way you receive app marketing content
  7. Access and track your e-vouchers availability and usage

2. Is my phone supported? 

Our Mobile Apps are supported on the following platforms:

  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or later
  • Android device with Android 4.4 or later

3. Is the app available in all countries? 

The app is available in Singapore only.

4. How do I get the AMperkz mobile app for my phone? 

Please download AMperkz in the App Store or in the Google Play store.

5. Do I have to buy the AMperkz mobile app? 

AMperkz mobile app is completely free to download and install.

6. How often is the AMperkz mobile app being updated? 

We will update it when new features or enhancements are added within the app. Please ensure that you update your app when you see the prompt to ensure that you have the best customer experience.

7. How do I personalize the widgets I see on my home screen? 

You can do this by tapping on the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen and then tapping on the cog icon and then under ‘Settings’ select ‘Customize home widgets’. Then, select 4 out of the 8 available widgets.

8. The parking availability shown in the app is not accurate, why is that so? 

Kindly note that our real-time data showing on the app refreshes every 5 minutes, hence, you may encounter some slight discrepancies on the car park lot numbers.