1. What is the point awarding system like?

Basic tier membership, every $1 spent in a single transaction earns 1 point. For supermarket receipts, every $4 spent earns 1 point.

Gold Tier members get double points. eg every $1 spent will earn Gold Tier members 2 points.

2. Earning points is an easy 3-step process.

  • Step 1: Shop at any participating retailer at malls managed by AsiaMalls
  • Step 2: Take a photo of the receipt
  • Step 3: Upload the photo through the AMperkz mobile app or AMperkz website.

Alternatively, you can also Customer Service Counter of the Mall from which the receipts are issued from.

3. How long does it take for the points to be credited?

Your points will be credited within 3 working days

4. What is the minimum spending for points to be earned?

To qualify, each receipt must be at least $20 to earn points in a single receipt.

5. Can the minimum spending for redemption be in multiple receipts?

No, the minimum spending of $20 can only be presented in a single receipt.

6. Where must the receipt of purchase be submitted?

Receipt images should be submitted through:

  • AMperkz App
  • AMperkz website
  • Customer Service Counter of the Mall from which the receipts are issued from

7. Is there a time limit on when the receipt must be submitted upon purchase?

All receipts must be submitted no later than the following day of the date the receipt was issued. E.g. If the receipt is dated 10 June 2018, the receipt must be submitted no later than 11 June 2018, 11.59pm.

8. What should be contained in the receipt images?

To qualify, receipt images must clearly show the shop name, mall name, unit number, total purchase amount, receipt number and also the date of purchase. Please click on this link: to learn about the details that need to be contained.

9. If my receipt is too long to be captured clearly, what should I do?

Receipts should be folded in the middle to shorten it without blocking the shop name, mall name, unit number, total purchase amount, receipt number and also the date of purchase. Note that some receipt formats have these key information printed at the bottom. Please click on this link: to learn how to fold and scan the long receipts.

10. For Fairprice/Fairprice Finest receipts, there are two receipt numbers, which one should I capture when I scan my receipts?

Please capture receipt number which is located at the bottom of the receipt (refer to illustration below).

11. What can I do if the receipt I have submitted is rejected?

For re-submission, you may select the appeal button on your AMperkz app and to retake the receipt image if required. Please do not re-scan the receipt as the system will decline the receipt for duplication or late submission.

12. Is there a limit to the points we can accumulate within a day?

Basic Tier members can earn up to 1,000 points per day, Gold Tier members can earn up to 2,000 points per day.

This includes your birthday bonus points.

13. Are handwritten receipts acceptable for redemption of points?

Yes, as long as the receipt contains the below information, it is acceptable.

  • Mall name
  • Shop name
  • Unit number
  • Purchase amount
  • Receipt number
  • Receipt date and time

14. Can I submit my receipts at a different mall’s Customer Service Counter from the one that I purchased my items from?

No. Our respective Customer Service Counters are only able to accept receipts issued from the mall where they are located respectively. Alternatively, you may submit your receipts via the AMperkz App or AMperkz website.

15. If I am given receipts by others, can I still submit for points crediting?

No. It must be issued from your own purchases. AsiaMalls reserves the right to reject the receipt and/or recover the awarded points without prior notice if a member is found to submit another person’s receipt(s) to earn reward points on his membership account. Please note that the crediting of points is governed by the terms and conditions detailed out in the AMperkz programme.

16. Are the receipts before the AMperkz membership valid? Can I use them to earn points?

No, it is not valid. Only receipts after AMperkz’s membership registration can be used.

17. What receipts are NOT accepted for AMperkz points earning?

  • Credit/debit card receipts
  • NETS receipts
  • Bill payment receipts
  • AXS / SAM machines
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Money changers
  • Pawn tickets from pawn shops
  • Purchase of vouchers/gift cards and top up of stored-value cards/packages
  • Pushcarts
  • SingPost
  • Temporary vendors at promotional spaces & atriums
  • Online purchases

18. If I have problems submitting the receipts online, what can I do?

Please email to for assistance and allow 3 working days for us to reply