1. What are the redemption rewards?

The rewards include:

  • 1,000 points = $5 AsiaMalls Gift Voucher
  • 20 points = $0.10 Carpark$

2. How do I redeem points for the rewards?

For $5 AsiaMalls Gift Voucher – AMperkz mobile app or at any of the malls’ Customer Service Counters.

For Carpark$ – AMperkz mobile app only

3. Can I exchange or refund my completed reward redemption?

Redemptions once completed cannot be refunded and rewards issued cannot be exchanged for other items/ cash.

4. How do I check the balance of my points?

You can check your points balance via the AMperkz mobile app or AMperkz website .

5. Is there an expiry date for the points accumulated?

All points earned in a calendar year will expire after 30 June the following year. Eg: All points accumulated in 2017 will expire after 30 June 2018.

6. Can I authorise my family member to redeem the points for AsiaMalls Gift Voucher on my behalf?

No, you have to redeem the points personally as your mobile number is required for verification at the Customer Service Counters

7. What is Carpark$?

Carpark$ is the new way to offset your parking charges at AsiaMalls, redeemable with AMperkz points.

Carpark$ is presently valid for Century Square, Hougang Mall, Tampines 1, Tiong Bahru Plaza and White Sands.

8. How do the Carpark$ work?

You may exchange your AMperkz points to Carpark$ to be used to offset your parking charges. Please note that 20 points = $0.10 Carpark$

Carpark$ exchanged and accumulated in your account will automatically be deducted when you exit the carpark. Should the Carpark$ be insufficient to cover your parking charges, the balance will be deducted from your Cashcard.

9. How do I redeem Carpark$?

You can only redeem Carpark$ via the AMperkz mobile app. You will need to register your IU number under your profile before converting the desire number of AMperkz points to Carpark$. Do note that converted Carpark$ cannot be refunded nor converted back to AMperkz points.

10. How do I know the parking rates?

Rates are listed on the AMperkz mobile app as well as the respective malls’ websites.

11. How do I use the Carpark$ after conversion?

After you have converted your AMperkz points to Carpark$, you may drive your vehicle out of the carpark. Carpark$ in your account will automatically be deducted when you exit the carpark. Should the Carpark$ be insufficient to cover your parking charges, the balance will be deducted from your Cashcard.

Please ensure that you have sufficient Carpark$ to offset your parking charges if you do not wish to top up via Cashcard payment. Please note that 20 points = $0.10 Carpark$.

12. How do I update/change the IU number?

You can update or change your IU number via the AMperkz mobile app under “Settings”.

13. How many IU number can each member save in the AMperkz app?

Each member can add 1 IU number in their AMperkz app.

14. What is the maximum amount of Carpark$ I can use at any one time?

You may use as many Carpark$ as long as there is sufficient to deduct at the point of exit. Please note that 20 points = $0.10 Carpark$.

15. What is the maximum amount of Carpark$ I can redeem at any one time?

There is no limit to the amount of Carpark$ you can redeem as long as you have sufficient AMperkz points to convert. Please note that 20 points = $0.10 Carpark$

16. Is the Carpark$ transferrable?

Carpark$ is not transferrable.

17. I hold season parking at AsiaMalls, can I still use Carpark$?

Utilisation of Carpark$ will not be applicable for IU numbers that have been registered for season parking.

18. Can I extend the usage period of the Carpark$?

Carpark$ redeemed this year will expire next year 30 June. Extension of Carpark$ is not available.

19. Can I combine the usage of the redeemed Carpark$ with X-hour of complimentary carpark coupon issued by participating AsiaMalls?

Usage of Carpark$ cannot be combined with the usage of complimentary carpark coupon.

20. In the event that the carpark system is out of service, what will happen to my Carpark$?

In such event, the Carpark$ will not be used and all parking charges will be deducted from your CashCard.

21. What are AMperkz e-Deals?

AMperkz e-Deals is a new initiative on the AMperkz app.
It allows AMperkz members to use their AMperkz points to redeem for an e-Deal from participating retailers in AsiaMalls, apart from redeeming for AsiaMalls physical and/or electronic gift voucher or Carpark$.

22. How can I enjoy these AMperkz e-Deals?

If you are new to AMperkz or do not have the AMperkz mobile app, download the app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Please refer to the Membership section and Mobile app section of the FAQ for more information on signing up and downloading the AMperkz mobile app.
Accumulate AMperkz points by spending at our 5 participating malls to redeem AMperkz e-Deals.

23. How can I redeem for an AMperkz e-Deal?

  • Go to < AMperkz Rewards> in the app.
  • Tap onto < Redeem E-Deals> to browse through the AMperkz e-Deals offerings, from categories such as F&B, Lifestyle & Services and Shopping.
  • View the AMperkz points required for redemption, tap on < Redeem this Deal>, confirm the mall to redeem this particular e-Deal. Thereafter the e-Deal will be stored in your < My E-Deals>.
  • At the store, tap on the AMperkz eDeal under < My E-Deals>, allow the store staff to scan the e-Deal QR code with the store terminal to utilize the e-Deal offer.
  • You can proceed to enjoy the e-Deal in the store.
  • 24. I noticed that the AMperkz e-Deal has a < Gift> button. What is it for?

    This function allows for AMperkz members to e-Gift an e-Deal to your friends and family, all you need to do is enter the recipient’s mobile number and add a personalized message for them. Upon confirmation your recipient will receive an SMS notification.

    25. Do my friends and family members need to be an AMperkz member to receive an e-Deal from me?

    They need not be an AMperkz member to receive the e-Deal gift. All he/she needs to do is to click on the link in the SMS and present the QR code at the retailer to enjoy the e-Deal.

    26. Who can I contact to find out more about AMperkz e-Deals or my AMperkz points?

    You can visit www.amperkz.com.sg to find out more or contact AMperkz via https://www.amperkz.com.sg/contact-us/